New Work

For 2019 – 2020 I am proud to be an Edge* Artist in Residence at CounterPulse along with my collaborator Rachael Dichter for our new project WITH.

We go slow and do very little. Do simple things. We work with ideas of pleasure and the body, pleasure in the body. Our bodies in relationship to other bodies; in relationship to your body.

Rachael Dichter & Dia Dear

Inspired by chronic illness, the overwhelming effect of the tech boom 2.0 on marginalized and artistic communities, and our combined 20+ years experience as makers in SF’s queer & underground dance communities, WITH explores how our movement practices can slow down, widen, make room for pleasure and how this process can save us. 

WITH blends our physical practices and nightlife for a multi-generational queer phenomenon. WITH invites the audience to engage in a deep, extensive physical exploration of movement to move beyond singularity. Together we blur boundaries of real/unreal and distance/intimacy to activate performance as a non-performative act.

Our show has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, however tentatively slated to be mounted this fall. More about our piece titled WITH here.

*Edge is CounterPulse’s incubation residency and commissioning program for contemporary choreographers whose work is deeply curious about the intersection of art practice and social change. 

WITH is produced with the support of FACT/SF.

Featured image by Robbie Sweeny Photography.